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Addiction affects millions of Americans throughout the country, and for many, it can be impossible to end the cycle without assistance. Reaching out for the help of a comprehensive addiction recovery center like our facility in Tacoma, Washington is often the first step in a long journey towards addiction recovery. Our group of drug rehab centers across the country are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for our clients to work towards a substance-free life. We offer compassionate and professional care, and we individualize our care plans for each client. A combination of group and individual therapy is essential in our program, and we are dedicated to working with our clients to match them with aftercare options best suited to help them succeed. We invite individuals to experience the possibilities life has to offer free of addiction.

Upon arriving at our substance abuse treatment facility, our professional staff will evaluate each client’s needs before proceeding with a supervised detox. While detoxifying from any and all controlled substances in their systems, clients may experience symptoms of withdrawal. More serious complications are also possible with certain substances, which is why a supervised detoxification in our drug detox clinic is preferred to at-home withdrawal. In the comfort of our facilities, our well trained staff are on hand to ensure our clients’ safety throughout the process, and the result is a safer and more comfortable detox. Thanks to increased safety precautions and support, supervised detoxification is typically more successful than at-home detox.

Our addiction recovery program is catered to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our clients. One of the most important factors is establishing an open and safe environment at our addiction treatment center. Therapists work one-on-one with individuals to develop trusting relationships with their clients, an important part of uncovering issues that may have led clients to abusing controlled substances. We often find dual diagnosis mental health treatment is appropriate for many individuals, meaning that in addition to suffering from addiction, they also struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Understanding the duality of the issue helps us treat the client as a whole.

Uncovering triggers and other mental health disorders can be helpful, but it can also feel isolating. Group therapy plays an important role in recovery at our addiction recovery facility because it reminds our clients that they are not alone. In addition to allowing individuals to relate to others who are undergoing similar struggles, group therapy also helps clients develop trust among fellow residents.

Recovery does not end upon completion of a recovery program, and it can be intimidating for many individuals to leave a drug rehab facility after weeks or months of intensive care. We pair clients with appropriate aftercare options to help them continue on their journeys to a lifetime of living substance free. Sober housing is often a helpful transition for our clients as they return to their everyday lives. Being surrounded by others who are dedicated to substance-free living can provide a support system, while chores and jobs can help reinforce routine. We also encourage clients to continue with a trusted therapist for individual sessions while seeking out support groups, especially after leaving sober living housing and returning home.

Addiction recovery is a long and difficult journey, and for most, reaching out for help is an essential part of that recovery. At our addiction treatment facility in Tacoma, Washington, our compassionate staff are here to help with a safe and open community that can provide the tools needed to facilitate a successful and long-lasting recovery. Reaching out is a difficult first step, but we work hard to make our clients thankful they took their first step towards recovery with us.

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