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Entering a substance abuse treatment facility is one of the most important preliminary steps on your journey toward lifelong sobriety. The type of treatment you receive, and where you receive it, can give you a healthy head start as you push toward a substance-free life.

At such a critical time you need allies. A knowledgeable, experienced group of caring professionals, such as the team at our drug rehab facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Consider the reasons that distinguish our Latham Behavioral Health addiction recovery centers.

Supervised Detox

At our Myrtle Beach addiction recovery facility, we never let you go through these struggles on your own. During your supervised detox, our caring and discreet staff create a comfortable, compassionate, relaxing atmosphere. With your mind at ease, we remain close at hand and oversee all the steps of a safe, thorough detox process.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment is a vital part of any comprehensive addiction treatment center program. At Latham Behavioral Health drug rehab centers, we work to identify any corresponding and underlying mental health issues that are exacerbating and/or triggering your addiction.

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment helps us to devise the most effective holistic prescription for your long term health. An individualized, unique treatment plan catered to your challenges, strengths, needs and concerns is a central aspect of overcoming chemical dependency. Dual diagnosis is the necessary prerequisite.

The Security and Comfort of Community

It takes time and space to beat an addiction and develop valuable coping strategies that continuously serve you. At the addiction recovery program in Myrtle Beach, there is a community within the rehab. This community represents a safe space full of supportive individuals committed to making everyone feel comfortable and secure.

Within this safe space, you are free to be yourself without fear of scorn, speak your mind or even just vent. Effective addiction recovery includes rebuilding relationships and restoring trust and faith in people — including trust in yourself. Being yourself within a safe environment, where you can speak from the heart, helps you to do so.

As a further benefit, clients lean on each other, sharing experiences, life lessons, inspiration and cautionary tales. This camaraderie, acceptance, and sense of belonging is a powerful antidote, helping you to get socially oriented as you re-learn how to build community.

Safe and Caring Facility

Our commitment to creating a safe, tolerant community extends to our staff and team. Our rehab facility in Myrtle Beach is more than just a drug detox clinic. It is an addiction treatment facility that takes pride in treating our clients with sensitivity, understanding and wisdom.

Although we respect the necessary boundaries between clients and staff, we never treat you like a number or an outsider. We are in this struggle with you, rooting for you, holding you up, and offering caring advice and time-tested techniques to help you achieve success.

The Trajectory of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is one word, but it refers to an entire trajectory that entails detox, therapy and aftercare. Depending on your needs, therapy could include private cognitive therapy, group therapy, anonymous support groups or all of the above.

Dual diagnosis treatment potentially involves the prescription of pharmaceuticals to mitigate or address common post-detox challenges related to ongoing mental health situations.

Types of aftercare are another consideration to bear in mind. Sober living, 12-step, support groups, education, new skills, coping strategies, group counseling and follow-up treatments are all forms of aftercare. At Latham Behavioral Health, we furnish you with all the critical details you require to make an informed decision about aftercare.

We also offer several forms of aftercare at our drug rehab facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Aftercare programs help to prevent relapse and keep you in touch with treatment professionals to continuously support your sobriety.

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