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Latham Behavioral Health is an addiction treatment facility that is committed to helping their clients conquer their addiction to alcohol and drugs. We understand that each individual battling addiction is unique. Therefore, Latham Behavioral Health approaches each client with a personalized plan for addiction recovery.


Although each path to recovery is unique, our drug rehab facility in Cary, North Carolina is experienced in the steps necessary to complete a successful addiction recovery program. We start with supervised detox, during which we carefully monitor each client as their body acclimates to being drug-free. Our drug detox clinic supports each client during this difficult time while our counselors work with clients to understand the underlying issues that fueled the addiction.


Once a client has successfully detoxed, they begin intensive therapy to address the underlying cause of their addiction. Our mental health professionals understand that addiction is more than just reliance on a chemical. It is a disease that manifests as a dependence on a physical substance. The majority of the problem is actually under the surface. In order to properly treat addiction, the underlying mental health issues must be addressed. In order to overcome addiction, clients must honestly address how they came to their addiction.


We work to discover what these issues are through individual and group therapy. In some cases, friends and family can be part of the therapy. However, we assess each case on an individual basis.


Although each case of addiction is unique, the pain it brings is shared by anyone who has dealt with addiction. With this in mind, the group therapy sessions at Latham Behavioral Health help clients to form a community of support and strength for them to develop coping strategies. This community enables everyone to face their issues with honesty and with proper perspective.


Our counselors have experience with clients from all backgrounds. They understand that in order to permanently resolve addiction issues, drug rehab centers must address each addiction as a result of unique circumstances. We assess the needs and individual circumstances of each client. We delve into mental health issues, and ensure that all diagnoses are properly treated.


Our Cary, North Carolina addiction treatment center is committed to the safety and health of each of their clients. We take the concerns of our clients and their families very seriously, and we have protocols to address all potential security issues. Addiction recovery can be a volatile time; we have policies in place to ensure the safety of everyone at Latham Behavioral Health. These policies are very effective.


Once our clients have detoxed and received the proper therapy and treatment, we prepare them for a substance-free life outside of a substance abuse treatment facility. This is perhaps the most important part of the process. The time spent in our addiction recovery center should be considered the beginning of a lifetime of better choices. The time at Latham Behavioral Health is to help our clients develop strategies to cope with triggering situations in a healthy way.


After a client leaves our addiction recovery facility, we at Latham Behavioral Health prepare a plan for the client to maximize his or her success. This plan includes further counseling, a treatment plan for underlying mental health issues, and a plan for the client to be ready to deal with problems they may encounter in everyday life. Our goal at Latham Behavioral Health is for all of our clients to reach their maximum potential, and to live a happy, drug free life.


Specific aftercare protocols depend on the needs of each individual client. Besides outpatient counseling, aftercare includes developing specific strategies to prevent relapse, enrollment into an addiction support group, appointments for regular drug-testing, arrangements for controlled-living environments, and monitoring through phone, email, or phone apps.


At Latham Behavioral Health, we measure our success by through the success of our clients. We are committed to offering a safe, healthy way to recover from addiction. We care about all of our clients. Nothing is more rewarding to our staff than to see former clients living their best lives outside of our facility.

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