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Reasons to Use Latham Behavioral Addiction Treatment Clinic

Living with a substance abuse problem is a daily struggle. It can divide families, ruin lives, and destroy finances and one’s future. Though recovery is possible, it may seem like an unattainable goal for many people who suffer from addiction. For this reason, our Victorville, California substance abuse recovery clinic can be an oasis of hope for those suffering from the endless roller coaster of addiction.


Our addiction recovery center in Victorville, California provides a loving, safe, and secure environment for our clients to break the cycle of addiction and find hope in recovery. Latham Behavioral was created to provide a comfortable and safe location for our clients. When the person suffering from addiction feels relaxed and shielded, they are more likely to be honest about their emotions and fears, thus opening their hearts and speaking their minds.


Our trained and supportive staff is there to listen to what our clients have to say. This honest exchange of information allows our experienced and friendly staff to create an individualized recovery plan for each of our client’s, which maximizes the efficacy of the recovery plans at our Victorville, California substance abuse treatment center.


Our staff will also be there to help the client through the sometimes daunting process of detox. While detox can be a scary and even dangerous process, a lot of the fear and potential danger can be elevated when the client is supervised by a professional. A supervised detox at our Victorville, California addiction treatment clinic is an important part of lasting recovery.


In addition to having access to experienced professionals through therapy sessions, our clients will also engage in group therapy with some of their peers who are in various stages of their own recovery journey. Meeting others who are on the same path to recovery can offer support and hope to our clients. Support groups can share their trials, wisdom, and even a few laughs. Having peer group support can prove invaluable to the recovery process.


People who suffer from addiction may also suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. At Latham Recovery drug rehab center, professionals can not only help to diagnosis the co-occurring mental disorder, but also to suggest treatment options. The surest path to complete recovery includes addressing not only the addiction itself, but any co-occurring mental health issue that may contribute to it.


After the client has gone through supervised detox, therapy, and any other necessary treatment, they will feel ready to face the world. It is important that the client gets continued support and proper aftercare to assure continued success. Aftercare is a sometimes overlooked but crucial part of maintaining one’s recovery. Professionals at our Victorville, California substance abuse treatment facility who have seen the client through the process beginning with supervised detox, through therapy and treatment, and into recovery can effectively create an individualized aftercare program that will help support the client in maintaining their recovery.


Our Victorville, California addiction recovery facility is an ideal place for a person suffering from addiction to find hope. Latham Behavioral provides a safe environment for the client to detox. Our friendly experts will also provide a variety of therapy and treatment options that are individualized for each client’s unique needs.

Victorville, CA

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